Did you know….

The average person uses over 116 gallons of water every time they wash their car?

When cars are washed on the road or in a driveway, water enters the storm drains. So it undergoes no treatment before entering our beautiful waterways. Dirty water containing soaps, detergents, residue from exhaust fumes, gasoline, heavy metals, and motor oils all wash directly into our rivers, streams, creeks, lakes and oceans. This impacts the entire planet’s water quality and harms wildlife.

Even leaving your car unwashed poses a problem when rain washes pollutants from your car into storm drains. Cleaning one car might not seem like a big problem, but imagine the impact of your entire neighborhood washing all their cars! Large carwash fundraiser events compound the problem dramatically!

Now for the Good News!

Now for the good news!

Cool Waves Car Wash uses 60 percent less water for the entire car wash than you would use just to rinse your car!

At Cool Waves Car Wash all that dirty water is collected, cleaned, reused, cleaned, reused, and cleaned again before being released to the septic system where it is treated again!

Also Cool Waves Car Wash only use phosphate free, biodegradable soap to ensure that the impact to the environment is minimal. We also offer a great way to raise money for your organization in a safe and environmentally friendly way! Click here for more details!